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What can we learn by comparing practices and customs in different societies around the world?

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A History of the Gospel in Papua New Guinea: Factors in Faulty Discipleship

by Chris Brittain

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), biblical discipleship has been handicapped by the way the gospel was presented to the people by early missionaries. In the past it seemed rare for missionaries to be aware that they had interpreted the gospel through their own cultural lens and that there were serious distortions as a result. They assumed that their task was to get natives to abandon their heathen culture and exchange it for theirs. As a result, the church they planted was not a truly indigenous church because tribal peoples were discouraged from finding answers to their own questions that arose from their animistic worldview. Instead Bible teachers encouraged them to adopt the values and arbitrary customs of Westerners with regards to music, dress, worship patterns etc. As a result, there is a need for a “Missional Discipleship Movement (MDM)” within the church to help believers to discover for themselves what it means for the “Word to become flesh” in the PNG setting.

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Reflection: Why Is Africa Poor? A Whiteboard Animation

by Chris Ampadu

The Whiteboard Animation in this Reflection is based on Chris Ampadu’s WCIU dissertation.

Why is Africa poor, given all its natural resources: gold, diamonds, oil, timber?
View a Whiteboard Animation in this Reflection that addresses this question.

Africa’s problems are like a tree with spoiled fruits.
Africa’s problems have roots in worldview issues
Believing LIES impoverishes and enslaves people.
Strong biblical roots will produce good fruits (truth, honesty, self-control, trustworthiness)

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Reflection: An Autobiographical Sketch of My Work with Children’s Education in Kenya

by Lois Semenye

As a Sunday School teacher of children, I noticed the need for relevant and authentic biblical materials that would address the needs of my Kenyan students. After getting A PhD from a university in the US, in 1997, Christian Learning Materials Centre (CLMC) invited me to head the organization and oversee the development of Christian materials that are relevant to the African culture. Besides production of materials, there was also a great need to train the teachers on how to use them. I always try to have a young person I am mentoring in the importance and methods of Christian education.

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