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What can we learn by comparing practices and customs in different societies around the world?

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Peace in Africa: Essential Background for Development

by Abdou Maiga, May 03, 2018

In this article, the author reminds us that it is urgent that Africans realize that in time of war what people need most are not only humanitarian programs but also programs of peace and reconciliation. What are the challenges for this approach and what are the implications for humanitarian and developmental structures in Africa today?

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Reflection: Why Is Africa Poor? A Whiteboard Animation

by Chris Ampadu

The Whiteboard Animation in this Reflection is based on Chris Ampadu’s WCIU dissertation.

Why is Africa poor, given all its natural resources: gold, diamonds, oil, timber?
View a Whiteboard Animation in this Reflection that addresses this question.

Africa’s problems are like a tree with spoiled fruits.
Africa’s problems have roots in worldview issues
Believing LIES impoverishes and enslaves people.
Strong biblical roots will produce good fruits (truth, honesty, self-control, trustworthiness)

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