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Literature Guide: South Asia


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August 9, 2019

Compiled by Timothy Skinner, MLS

Library of Congress Classification:

DS 331 – DS 498  South Asian history                     

P 94.5 .S68  South Asians in mass media      

Z 675 .S67  South Asian libraries                  

Dewey Decimal Classification:

954  South Asian history

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Art, South Asian                    

Ethnology—South Asia                                 

Indo-Aryan languages

Indo-Iranian literature             

Short stories, South Asian                             

South Asia                 


Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies              

Journal of South Asian Literature                  

South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies

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Arts and Literature

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Universities with a Center for South Asian Studies:

Australian National University                       

Columbia University

 Cornell University                                          

Emory University

Harvard University                                        

Johns Hopkins University

Middlebury College                                       

National University of Singapore 

Triangle Consortium, North Carolina             

University of California – Berkeley

University of California – Los Angeles         

University of California – Santa Cruz

University of Chicago                                    

University of Illinois – Urbana

University of Iowa                                         

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania                            

University of Texas – Austin

University of Virginia                                    

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin – Madison