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Literature Guide: Middle East

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August 26, 2019

by Timothy Skinner, MLS

Library of Congress Classification:

DS 41 – DS 66  Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East.

PJ  Middle Eastern philology             

Dewey Decimal classification:

956  Middle East (Near East) 

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Arab countries                        

Arabic literature 

Aramaic literature                   

Architecture—Middle Eastern influences                   

Art, Medieval—Middle Eastern influences    

Art, Middle Eastern                                        

Civilization, Western—Middle Eastern influences     

Cookery, Middle Eastern                               

Dance music—Middle Eastern influences                  

Eastern question                                             

Europe—Civilization—Middle Eastern influences     

Halaf culture                                       

Iranian literature                     

Islamic Empire           

Kurdish literature                               

Latin Orient                            

Middle East    

Middle Eastern literature                    

Middle Eastern poetry            

Middle Eastern philology       



Pita bread                   

Posters, Middle Eastern                     

Semitic literature                     

Syriac literature                      


Arab Perspectives                  

Arab Studies Quarterly                      

Aramco World Magazine

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Bulletin    

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research          

Cairo Papers in Social Science                                  

International Journal of Middle East Studies

Iranian Studies: Journal of the Society for Iranian Studies               

Journal of Arab Affairs

Journal of Near Eastern Studies                                                        

Journal of Palestine Studies   

Journal of South Asian & Middle Eastern Studies           

Journal of the American Oriental Society

JUSUR: UCLA Journal of Middle Eastern Studies               

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Link: Americans for Middle East Understanding                                          

Middle East    

Middle East International                                                                              

Middle East Journal

Middle East Policy (formerly American Arab Affairs)                                   

Middle East Report

Middle East Review                            

Middle East Studies Association Bulletin

Middle Eastern Affairs                       

Middle Eastern Studies                                  

New Cyprus

New Perspectives on Turkey              

News Circle: Arab-American Monthly           

Saudi Arabia

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            History, Politics, and International Relations

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            Literature, Music, and Art  

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