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What can we learn by comparing practices and customs in different societies around the world?

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Literature Guide: Southeast Asia

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August 6, 2019

Compiled by Timothy Skinner, MLS

Library of Congress Classification:

DS  Asian history                              

DS 520 – DS 689  Southeast Asian history

Dewey Decimal Classification:

950  Asian history                              

959  Southeast Asian history

 Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Art, Southeast Asian              

Asia, Southeastern                             

Authors, Southeast Asian

Bahnar literature                     

Black Tai literature                             

Coins, Southeast Asian

Cookery, Southeast Asian      


Folk literature, Southeast Asian

Hani literature                         

Hmong literature                                

Hoabinhian culture     


Khmu’ literature                                 

Lahu literature            

Malayan literature                   

Miao-Yao languages                          

Painting, Southeast Asian

Pali literature                                                                                      

Philosophy, Southeast Asian

Revolutionary literature, Southeast Asian                              

Southeast Asian Americans                                                   

Southeast Asianists                

Tai literature                           

White Tai literature                 

Yao literature (Southeast Asia)


Borneo Research Bulletin                   

Crossroads: Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Journal of Southeast Asian History                           

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Journal of the Siam Society                                         

Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science

Southeast Asian Review                                              

Vietnamese Studies

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Reference Books with Relevant Articles:

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            General and Miscellaneous

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            Health, Disease, and Medical Education

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U.S. Universities with Southeast Asia Studies Programs:

Cornell University                                          

Northern Illinois University                 

Ohio University                                             

University of California – Berkeley   

University of Hawaii – Manoa                       

University of Michigan          

University of Washington                              

University of Wisconsin – Madison