Social Justice

In what ways does a godly presence in a society lead to social justices?

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Popular Approaches to Anti-Racism Are Influenced by Secularism and Are Self-Defeating

by Jim Harries

While this analysis of anti-racism is based upon case studies from Black African communities, it also applies to the situation in the United States in 2017 when racist attitudes and actions are publicly resurfacing after having been somewhat subdued by anti-racist legislation and general culture.

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Reflection: Societal Chaos: Comparisons to the Middle Ages

by Mark Mihalyov, WCIU MA Student

The Church in America is being distracted and deceived on the left and on the right. The result for us is severe social chaos. The “Christian” culture displaced peoples are now exposed to is in many ways reminiscent of that of the Middle Ages; more focused on forms and traditions than on power and passion for missionary service.

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