Social Justice

In what ways does a godly presence in a society lead to social justices?

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Reflection: Societal Chaos: Comparisons to the Middle Ages

WCIU Journal: Social Justice Topic

January 15, 2016

by Mark Mihalyov, WCIU MA Student

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The rise of radical Islamic terrorism has destroyed communities and displaced millions of people. These people are now cut off from that which is familiar and formed the fabric and foundation of society for them. Their entrance into the world of other cultures has brought a significant measure of (misplaced?) fear and hysteria. Ironically, the “Christian” culture they are now exposed to is in many ways reminiscent of that of the Middle Ages; more focused on forms and traditions than on power and passion for missionary service.

I see a comparative example here in our country. We’ve been in the process of being invaded for most of my lifetime with the evils of humanism, a worldview in many ways even more deadly than ISIS, since its victims don’t even seem to be aware that they have been slain. From liberal churches on the one hand (who aren’t sure what they believe), to prosperity-focused churches on the other hand (who are sure of what they believe but painfully off track), the Church in America is being distracted and deceived on the left and on the right. The result for us is also severe social chaos. Satan is a master at sending his evil forces to invade cultures just when they seem least likely to be able to defend themselves. Fortunately, God in His mercy will use what Satan meant for evil as a means of purging and purifying His people, and just as with Charlemagne and Alfred the Great in the Middle Ages, will find a way to raise up leaders who will honor Him and lead the church out of the wilderness and into fresh seasons of restoration and renaissance.