What is the role of education in bringing the gospel to societies where Jesus is either not known or not followed?

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From India: The Integrated Learning Experience

by Ken Gnanakan

Our modern education systems are mostly based in fragmented and disintegrated learning models. We study science, then history, move into philosophy and all these are in their compartments with little or no connection. In recent years, the relevance of these educational systems has come into question. What is education? Why are we doing what we are doing? What kinds of products are we delivering? What effect are our educational packages having on students within their own local contexts? And for biblical and theological institutions we ask - Are we really preparing men and women for effective ministry within their contexts?

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Book Review: Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

by Craig S.

This book is by far the most helpful book I have ever read in relation to learning how to learn.

The authors make the following claims: (1) learning is deeper and more durable when it is effortful, (2) we are poor judges of when we are learning well, (3) retrieval practice (recalling facts or concepts or events from memory) is a more effective learning strategy than review by rereading, (4) periodic practice stops forgetting, (5) interleaving the practice of two or more subjects makes retrieval harder but produces longer-lasting learning, (6) trying to solve a problem before being taught the solution leads to better learning, (7) you build better mastery when you use testing as a tool to identify your areas of weakness, (8) making mistakes and correcting them leads to advanced learning.

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