What is the role of education in bringing the gospel to societies where Jesus is either not known or not followed?

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From Asia: Education for Economic Transformation

by David Lim

Economic transformation is perhaps the most important aspect of societal transformation, given the fact that the market dominates the agenda of our globalized world today. This was popularized by Francis Fukuyama’s book The End of History and the Last Man (1992) that built on his essay “The End of History?” (1989), which asserted that capitalism in liberal democracies is the “ultimate” global ideal henceforth. Yet poverty has persisted if not increased, and the gap between the rich and the poor regionally and globally has continued to widen. What is the biblical vision and mission for the economic order in local communities, in national plans and among nations?

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From Africa: Christian Universities as Channels of Blessings for the Nations

by Moussa Bongoyok

Universities are very strategic in today’s societies. Charles Malik, in his A Christian Critique of the University, pointed out that “the university determines the course of events and the destiny of man more than any institution today” (page 25). For this reason, if Christians are to impact their nations with the message of the Gospel, they cannot afford to be on the margins of what is happening in universities.

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The Impact of Education on Nation Building: A Western Perspective

by Beth Snodderly

The development of a society, including reduction of poverty, violence, and disease, requires both leaders and followers who value discipline, order, and the pursuit of truth. These are results of higher education. In this sense, the Christian university is an important artifact of Western missionary culture.

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