What principles of godly leadership can help demonstrate the presence of the Kingdom of God?

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Mentoring Insights from the Book of Titus

by John Sheneni

Like mentor, like mentee. In this paper, I explore the qualifications of mentors, the profile of mentees, and the duties of mentors and mentees that we can see in the epistles to Titus. Our hope for producing a viable pastoral team for the future is in doing what Paul and the early Christian leaders did so well—discipling and mentoring the youth for ministry and for church membership.

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Christian Mentoring: Its Significance and Implications for Leadership

by John Sheneni

In my research I have investigated the state of mentoring in Nigeria, which approaches to mentoring are effective for Christian leaders, and what suggestions can improve mentoring in leadership.

This study addresses the role of pastors as mentors in the church’s leader development process. It examines biblical and other studies on senior leaders mentoring emerging leaders to determine the components of mentoring and its benefits in the church and other organizations. This study demonstrates that teaching, coaching, counseling, advising, and discipling are valid mentoring activities and as such should be included in the church’s leadership development and become expected behaviors by senior leaders.

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