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What role should believers have in caring for God's creation in light of Genesis 1:26-28 and Romans 8:20-22?

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Mission in the Context of Covenant: Implications for the Environment

by Howard A. Snyder

Mission that does not take God’s covenant with the earth seriously and strategically is not holistic, integral, or really faithful. If it doesn’t include the land, it’s not the whole gospel.

Earth-conscious mission has always been an urgent priority. It is even more so now, due to the destructive effects of climate change, the poisoning of the oceans, extinction of species, declining biodiversity, growing pollution from plastics (like plastic bottles and Styrofoam), lack of support for environmentally-conscious political leaders, and failure of Christians and other humans to recycle in all the ways possible.

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Creation Care in Biblical Perspective

by Beth Snodderly

Evangelical Christian presence in U.S. society is giving God a bad reputation. American evangelicals, who ignore or even mock the warning signs of global warming and environmental pollution, are doing exactly the opposite of what God’s people should be doing to demonstrate the character and glory of God to a secular world. If we represent God as being uncaring and unconcerned about his creation, many people will not want to know that kind of God.

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Reflection: Loving Our Neighbors in a Holistic Way

by Kenton Moody

This post is some thoughts reflecting on care for the environment of El Salvador and further reflecting on a celebration of the 4th of July earlier this month. Kenton is a PhD student at WCIU serving the poor in Western El Salvador. His focus has been in areas of extreme poverty and gang conflict helping children and youth at risk through education, social intervention, and spiritual transformation. He has founded the Open Door Church, Hosanna School, and the Center of Hope, all operating in Santa Ana.

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