Environmental Studies

What role should believers have in caring for God's creation in light of Genesis 1:26-28 and Romans 8:20-22?

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Environmental Education: A Literature Guide

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the reference librarian for William Carey International University.

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the reference librarian for William Carey International University.

WCIU Journal: Environmental Studies Topic

October 8, 2019

by Timothy Skinner

Library of Congress Classification

GE 70 – GE 90  Environmental education

Dewey Decimal Classification

370 Education                                                    

371 Schools and their activities; special education

507 Education, research, and related topics in science

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Environmental education                                                       Pamphlets in environmental education

Volunteer workers in environmental education

Reference Books

International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education (2012)


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Organizations and Websites

National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF): www.neefusa.org

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE): https://naaee.org

World Watch Institute: www.worldwatch.org