Women in International Development

In what ways have women contributed to development within their society and/or community?

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Leading Development at Home: Dr. Mabel Ping Hua Lee (1896–1966)

by Grace May

For Mabel Lee, women’s rights flowed out of a Christian worldview that she viewed as foundational for America’s government and the key to China’s reconstruction. With her doctorate from Columbia University in hand, Dr. Lee eagerly anticipated returning to China to use her background in economics, education and political science to support the building of the young Republic. A combination of forces, however, led her to a different decision. Instead of entering into development on the international scene, she chose to focus on the ministry at her doorsteps in Chinatown.

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Marie Monsen—Norwegian Cross-Cultural Worker to Henan

by Yalin Xin

One of the cultural tendencies of the Chinese is the emphasis on the past. The experience and wisdom of an authoritative person in the past often serve as great reference for the present. This is naturally reflected in how Christians in Henan remember Marie Monsen. In conversation with believers about the history of the Word of Life church, Marie Monsen is often mentioned with appreciation and respect, as someone who dedicated herself to cross-cultural Christian service in central China as well as a role model in ministry that has had significant impact on the WOL movement. She is part of the story, and continues to be remembered as the spiritual mother of the Christian faith tradition in Henan.

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