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How can cross-cultural development workers help communities and societies thrive by following godly principles?

Reflection: Kingdom Transformation

WCIU Journal: Community and Societal Development Topic

December 1, 2015

by Ronnie Fargason, WCIU graduate student

This what I mean when I use the term Kingdom transformation or breakthrough. It begins with a renewal movement within a church or churches within an area. This renewal includes the following:

1. A commitment to purity both individually and corporately within the church(es). This is not just a change in behavior. Rather, it is a change in heart where knowing and having a relationship with God is the most important thing in their life.

2. A yearning for the presence of God, again both individually and corporately. Individually, the result is visible peace with God and the joy of God. Corporately, the glory of God will fill a room (such as the sanctuary). This glory can consist of a heavy presence or other manifestations such as angels visibly appearing to a group of people.

3. The power of God will be present. This power is exhibited in the deliverance of demonic oppression, healings and other miraculous manifestations such as the multiplication of resources (such as food).

4. Prophecy is present. This prophecy is not just telling people that God loves them (though there is a place for this). It is more the 1 Corinthians 14 description of prophecy, namely edifying, exhorting and comforting the church. These prophetic utterances can be for individuals and for the church as a whole. These prophetic utterances can include a new insight into scripture, what is currently happening within the church or a future direction for the church.

All four need to be present and active for the next phase, revival, to begin.

Revival is a tangible work of God within a community. People are coming to the Lord. They are not just being saved, they are renouncing their heart attitudes and working toward purity. There is deliverance, healing and the working of miracles outside of the church. Then revival leads to transformation.

Transformation is where the Kingdom breakthrough begins. There is a fear (or an awe) of God throughout the community. An example of this is in Acts 19 where Paul is in Ephesus. There’s also a more modern example with Azusa Street revival. It was said that within a 2 mile radius of the meetings, people were experiencing the power and presence of God and repenting on the spot! It is in this phase that Jesus is known throughout a whole region..

This is what I believe call is calling me to begin in Sanger (a small town near Fresno, Ca.) the home of a Hmong church. The hope is that purity (holiness), presence, power and presence would be part of that church. The church would then begin to impact Sanger, then Fresno, and the whole central valley region of California would fear God.