What principles of godly leadership can help demonstrate the presence of the Kingdom of God?

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Leadership Literature Guide

WCIU Journal: Leadership Topic

July 23, 2019

Compiled by Timothy Skinner

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the Librarian for William Carey International University and a member of Frontier Ventures.

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the Librarian for William Carey International University and a member of Frontier Ventures.

Library of Congress Classification

BF 637 .L4 (Applied psychology)      HD 57.7 (Management)

HN 1261 (Social psychology)            UB 210 (Military science)

Library of Congress Subject Headings

African American leadership  Christian leadership                 Command of troops Communist leadership             Community leadership Conservation leadership Discussion Educational leadership Elite (Social sciences) Executive coaching Hispanic American leadership Indian leadership Islamic leadership Jesus Christ—Leadership Jewish leadership Leadership Mexican American leadership Political leadership Recreation leadership Strategic Leader Development Inventory

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            General and Miscellaneous

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Books with Relevant Chapters

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