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Literature Review: Agricultural Missions

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September 13, 2018

Compiled by Timothy L. Skinner

Library of Congress Classification:

BV 2695 .F3 Missions among farmers
BV 2695 .M5 Missions among migrant labor
S 532 Agricultural missions

Dewey Decimal Classification:

266 Missions
630 Agriculture

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Missions—Agricultural work

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Organizations and Websites:

Agricultural Missions, Inc., 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY
Phone: (212) 870-2553

FARMS International

Heifer Project International

Steer, Inc.

World Neighbors

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the Librarian for William Carey International University and a member of Frontier Ventures.

Timothy Skinner, MLS, is the Librarian for William Carey International University and a member of Frontier Ventures.