Submission Guidelines

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Photo credit: liveandrock - flickr

Submission Guidelines for William Carey International Development Journal:

William Carey International Development Journal (WCIDJ) is the online journal from William Carey International University (WCIU), devoted to interdisciplinary research focused on the historical, cultural, and spiritual roots of human problems around the world, as well as analysis and discussion of proposed solutions.

The editorial committee welcomes submissions from WCIU faculty, students, and alumni, from NGO partners, and from scholars of other institutions. WCIDJ publishes and accepts submissions for the types of papers listed below in either English, Korean, French, or Chinese.

Articles for the WCIDJ must be scholarly, academic papers related to an issue in international development. This can include, for example, issues of poverty, environmental concerns, faith-based responses to development issues, and must be related to the historical, social, cultural or spiritual roots of problems that plague our world today. Please look at our about us page for more information about the scope of the WCIDJ and WCIU.

All articles should be approximately 3000-4000 words, (not including citations or references) and should use the Turabian 7th edition social science style of citations. Please submit your article through our electronic submission form below. 

Include with your paper a 200 word abstract and author bio and picture. 

Review Process

All articles submitted to the WCIDJ will go through a double-blind peer review to ensure a high-quality, fair and unbiased peer-review process of every manuscript submitted to the journal. This means that neither the editor nor the reviewers know who the author is, and the author will not know who the reviewers are. This policy is intended to minimize any biases towards an author and evaluate their paper based on the scholarship alone.

When an article is first submitted, it will be sent to an editor who will evaluate it for appropriateness of subject, connection to the scope and quality of writing. If the editor does not believe it fits the WCIDJ, a rejection notice will be sent to the author. If the editor believes the article could potentially fit, it will be sent to at least 2 people for review. 

The reviewers will send the article back with their comments within 4 weeks. They can return the manuscript with one of three responses:

Publish as-is
Consider after changes

If the editor recommends “publish as-is” the article will move forward with publication.

If the editor recommends “consider after changes” the author will be notified of the requested changes. Depending on the changes requested, either the editor will review it after editing, or it will go back to the reviewer. 

If the editor recommends “reject” the article will be rejected for publication and the author notified and an explanation given for the rejection. 

Submission Guidelines for WCIDJ Book Reviews

Book reviews of current books related to international development are welcomed from international development experts, students, and faculty. Book reviews should be no more than 1000 words and must be submitted in a word document that clearly lists the book reviewed. Please include your bio with the book review submission, which can be done through our electronic submission form below. 

WCIU Journal Comment Policy

We encourage and desire comments on the WCIU Journal and blog, and hope you will join the discussion. However, we moderate all comments before they are posted, and comments that are off-topic, selling a product or clearly spam will be deleted. We also expect a basic level of civility; disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is a must, and profanity, abusive language and personal attacks are out-of-bounds and those comments will be deleted. Commenters who regularly post mean-spirited and rude comments will be banned. The editors reserve the right to decide the terms and what comments get posted. 

All comments are moderated by the editor to check for spam and will appear online within 24 hours. However, although we try our best, sometimes comments end up in our spam folder. If you do not see your comment online after 24 hours, simply contact us and let us know you posted a comment so we can go and make it live. Thanks for your patience!

To submit a paper please completely fill out the form below, attach a copy of the manuscript that you wish to submit, read through and agree to the terms of publication, then press the submit button at the bottom of the form.